My Work

I’m a Software Developer, who is majoring in Computer Science at UC San Diego. I have a passion for designing and creating user-friendly interfaces for web and applications.


University of California, San Diego

9/2022 - 9/2024

  • Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Awarded Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship

Miramar College

8/2018 - 6/2022

  • AST, Computer Science
  • AA in Mathematics Studies / Social & Behavioral Sciences

Work Experience

CW3E, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Scholar Intern, 1/2022 - 9/2022

During my tenure at CW3E, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, I was tasked to refine and optimize the Surface Meteorology Systems webpage. I developed an enhanced user interface that led to a 20% increase in user engagement. In addition, I moved the non-structured data (generated-plot images) to PostgreSQL to better help query and manage data. These server optimizations led to better query and achieved a 15% reduction in data storage needs.

Beyond the technical feats, my involvement extended to Antarctic climate research, specifically the AR/Foehn project. I used Python to help interpret global climate models, and gain greater insights from these environmental studies.

Other than just technical work, I also engaged in an educational event with CW3E and Groundwork San Diego to host Webster Elementary School students at Scripps Pier to learn about ARs and extreme weather, to inspire the next generation of scientists. Read more

NASA/CaSGC Microcomputer & Robotics, San Diego, CA

Project Intern, 9/2021 - 2/2022

The project internship at NASA/CaSGC was a voyage of discovery and innovation. My team developed a Svelte-based dashboard for a weather station on a Rover, to control the robot in real time via web app. We assembled the robot, create a wiring diagram using Frizing, and modified the sensors's offset in python to improve the accurate by 15%. In this project, I personally implemented and deployed a Raspberry Pi server, reducing the delay in connections in 2 devices from 3s to <1s.

My crowning achievement was designing and implementing a WebSocket system. This ensured real-time integration of sensor data; a leap forward in our project's capabilities.

CNPT Software Company & AzWebPlus co., Ltd, Da Nang, Vietnam

Android Developer, 2/2017 - 3/2018

My journey as an Android Developer in Vietnam was collaborative excellence. I led the development of an Android flight booking app, focusing on the nuances of optimizing memory management and multithreading. We collaborated closely with the product and design teams, culminating in a custom native user interface that not only enhanced the mobile app experience but also boosted mobile weekly active users by 5%. My individual contribution to the tech community included designing and building two reusable Android libraries, setting a new standard for code integrity and validity.

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4/2023 - 6/2023

Palm Reading Web App

UI/UX Consultant, Product Manager



Shell Scripting Blog

Frontend Developer


CW3E and Groundwork San Diego Host Webster Elementary School Students at Scripps Pier to Learn About ARs and Extreme Weather

Featured as Scripps-GEO scholar collaborating with CW3E for an extreme weather educational event. Read more

Optimizing Surface Meteorology For Better Atmospheric Prediction and Interaction Experience for Geoscience Researchers

Speaker at Mesa College Research Conference 2022


Programming Languages

Python JavaScript Java C++ Git Bash PowerShell scripting TypeScript

Tools & Frameworks

Git GitHub Docker Kubernetes Quart PM (Agile, MVP)


  • Fluent in front-end and js stacks (HTML, CSS, and Module bundler)
  • Familiar in API and back-end development
  • Familiar with LLM concepts and API development